Finance & Admin Manager
Mae Sot, Tak, Thailand

Finance and Admin Manager (FAM) Job Description 

This role mainly involves managing the key financial and administrative aspects of the work of MEP. The Finance & Admin Manager should have a sound background and experience in accounting, good Excel skills and preferably a knowledge of computerised accounting systems, such as SAGE.

The Finance Manager is responsible for overall management of MEP’s financial accounting system. This involves overseeing the finance officer and monitoring the day to day bookkeeping activities, maintenance of Petty Cash, ensuring that all invoices/receipts and paperwork are collected, completed and authorised before payment and upkeeping the organisations computerised accounting system. The Finance Manager is responsible for managing all donations and grants from 3rd party organisations or individuals. They must be conversant with maintaining project budgets, working with several foreign currencies and reconciliation of cash and bank accounts by project.

Main Responsibilities/Priorities

1. In cooperation with the management team, preparing reports to project partners

2. Submitting proposals and funding applications to potential funders and sponsors

3. Taking the responsibility for matters of finance including:

   a)  Prepare and monitor budgets for all projects

   b)  Oversee day to day bookkeeping by the finance officer.   

   c)  invoicing partner NGOs & donors

   d)  maintaining charity financial accounts using SAGE50

   e)  managing banking and payments

   f)   reconciliation of project funds with bank and cash accounts

   g)  preparing monthly financial statements

   h)  liaising with MEP's UK Accountant

4. Maintaining relevant records for MEP (Myanmar and Thailand)

5. To oversee the organisation of:

    *visa and camp pass arrangements

    *transport arrangements

    *recording and collating of risk assessments

    *support for the teacher trainers with admin

6. Advising team members on insurance issues in Myanmar and in Thailand

7. Taking and distributing minutes

 This is the key role, however, it is possible that the role could have a wider remit in that the FAM will take an active part in promoting the work of MEP by using a range of media and ensuring effective communication within the organisation and with donors, supporters and partners. This would depend on a number of factors: the number of hours agreed between MEP and the applicant and the skills offered by the applicant. Although these further duties are not a pre-requisite of the post we would like to think that at least some of them could be undertaken.


These further duties are noted in the 2nd part of the Responsibilities

Secondary Responsibilities (subject to negotiation)

1. Facilitating communication to include: editing and distributing a newsletter and promotional materials

2. Maintaining MEP’s social media (Facebook and Twitter)

3. Maintaining and developing the MEP website.

4. Maintaining relationships with sponsors/donors

5. Promoting the work of the charity; preparing promotional documents including film and photography, and working with the media.

6. Assisting in preparing and placing job advertisements

7. Contributing to the design and content of the Annual Report

 If you would like to apply for this position please contact:

Application form:     MEP Application Form