February 2015

February 2015

School's Out!

As the school year draws to a close, we would like to thank all of the teachers and trainers we have worked with this phase. To celebrate, we held a party where we reviewed the year, played games and handed out certificates of training. We hope our in-camp teachers have a relaxing holiday break and we look forward to working with you again soon!

Mae La Comes to Mae Sot!

At the end of February, the students we teach at Pu Taw Memorial Junior College in Mae La Camp came to Mae Sot! The Cambridge (KET) English proficiency exam they will sit this month often has questions centred around life in the west. To prepare for this, the students needed to experience life outside of the camps - for some this was for the first time in their lives. Over the course of the weekend, the students tried western food, went swimming, visited large shopping centres and practised their English with native speakers. Everyone had a fantastic weekend and we loved having the students with us!

Upcoming English Exams

It's almost time for our students from Mae La Camp and the migrant community to sit the Cambridge (KET ( / PET ( ) English proficiency exams. The exams will take place in just over one week and will test the students' ability to use English in a variety of situations. Those that pass will be awarded a certificate that is respected globally, allowing them to access a wider range of opportunities for further study or work. All of our students have been working incredibly hard since September - we wish them all the best in the exams. Good luck!

What's Next?

As well as preparing for English exams, our trainers in Mae Sot will begin developing a 'toolkit' containing helpful tips, example lesson plans and activity instructions. Every teacher in camps along the border will have access to this 'toolkit', allowing teachers to improve even if we cannot be present. Our new website will be finished shortly and we plan to hire additional trainers and an intern role for the coming year. Keep up to date using the buttons below!