Mae Sot, Thailand (October 2016 - July 2018)


MEP has been working alongside World Education in a project which supports 81 local teachers developing classroom teaching skills. MEP trainers provide weekly workshops for teachers from Migrant Learning Centres across Mae Sot and Phop Phra regions, with follow-up in-class support for the teachers, helping them to apply the skills learnt. The nature of the support given to these teachers is in line with the ethos of MEP, encouraging teachers to introduce an active, child-centred approach, creating a positive environment and moving away from only using rote learning and repetition.

Sustainability is a key feature of MEP’s work and the PLE project has put a focus upon training Mentor Teachers in each of the schools. These more experienced teachers are provided with the skills necessary to support other teachers within their schools and so continue the work of MEP once the project is completed.

The impact of this training has seen 83% of teachers showing improvement with planning, 64% successfully introducing child-centred approaches and 79% assessing more effectively. All teachers who worked with MEP have shown significant progress as measured against the 12 Asean Teacher Competencies.